Ever, forever Musk.

Happy Birthday to Elon Musk, EverMusk is doing a burn-celebration for Elons Birthday! 
Daily Burnings made by the $EVERMUSK team to eventually create a supply shock and make your token more valuable!

Evermusk burn

$EVERMUSK is set to do daily massive burn events, to eventually create a supply shock which benefits all holders!

Locked lp

Our liquidity is being locked before launch. This gives people more trust and a better feeling to invest in $EVERMUSK.


We are proud to have a strong community which is backed by insider whales and large wallets. Our community is priority.

Join us! It will only take a minute

How to buy $EVERMUSK

A short introduction of how to participate to the success of $EVERMUSK

Install Metamask or Trustwallet
Connect to UniSwap or Dextools
Paste the $EVERMUSK contract adress